Hello Baslerstrasse!

01.09.2022 - 18.09.2022

Livio Casanova

This show was part of Kunsttage Basel (1.–4.9.) with an opening on Saturday, 3rd of September from 5 to 10 pm accompanied by a sound performance by Laptopradio.

Furthermore Lorraine Baylac and Nicolas Hajime Héritier, part of La Soupe collective, cooked for everyone.

On Sunday, 4th of September, a brunch was served for Weaving through the city, turning wheels in the thicket.

Guided walk from PALAZZINA to the Museum der Kulturen Basel with Brigham Baker and Marion Mertens.
(This event was part of Sharing Movements by Kunsttage Basel).

Aditionally, Livio Casanova presented 'Gossip Talks', a fanzine in its second edition, which he showed for the first time in Brighton last year.
Next to research images compiling a selection of book covers with the word 'gossip' on them, this edition includes a short essay by Polly Wright (@pollewright) that contextualises the work of the banner and the place where it is currently shown.

Photos: Tomas Maglione

Talking of Gossip.pdf

Livio Casanova

Hello Baslerstrasse!

PVC, acrylic, cords.
250 x 350 cm.


Livio Casanova.

Gossip Talks.
second edition, 65 copies, 2022.
with an essay by Polly Wright.