13.02.2022 - 13.03.2022
Djellza Azemi | Tiphanie Kim Mall | Nusser Glazova |  
Remy Ugarte Vallejos

Djellza Azemi

Home is where the ghost is, 2022.
Brick, wood.
Variable dimensions.

Krusha, 2022.
Plaster, paint, pepper.
Variable dimensions.

In a sexy way where it’s not obvious, 2022.
Plaster, paint, plywood, wood wax, mirrors. 91 x 49 cm.

Photos: Guadalupe Ruiz

Tiphanie Kim Mall

Schwester, 2021.
HD video, colour/sound, 22:30 min, looped.
Supported by the Fachausschuss für Film und Medienkunst Basel. Installation view Palazzina 2022. Photos: Guadalupe Ruiz

Nusser Glazova

Friendship is Forever, 2022
Video, 2:50 min, looped.

Teenage Angst I and Teenage Angst II, both 2022.
Plastic bottle, Sobranie cigarettes.
Variable dimensions.

WTF is NG? and We are the swiss dream, both 2022.
T-Shirt, frame.
Variable dimensions. 

Photos: Guadalupe Ruiz

Remy Ugarte Vallejos

Guides, guards and grounds, 2022.
Ceramics, wood, vinyl, chains.
Dimensions variable.

Tendency of capture, 2020.
HD video, colour/sound, 11:49 min, looped. 

Photos: Guadalupe Ruiz