Alemannengasse 60
4058 Basel

Opening hours:

Wednesday: 5 - 8 pm
Sunday: 2 - 5 pm


Mathieu Dafflon
Ester Hatle
Victoria Holdt

Simone Holliger
Géraldine Honauer
Joaquim Cantor Miranda
Katrin Niedermeier
Joan Pallé
Noemi Pfister

Luca Rossi-Dossi
Nicolas Sarmiento
Kelly Tissot
Ines Tondar


Launched as an artists’ house in July 2019, the PALAZZINA project consists of a team of thirteen artists who live together and jointly manage the exhibition space. Several exhibitions take place each year, along with a program of performances, readings, talks and dinners. What is special about PALAZZINA is the combination of a housing community and an exhibition space – this context also led to the name, which means “apartment block” in Italian. Located in a residential neighborhood, the first house, offered many possibilities as the invited artists were able to change the store front spaces almost without limits and create site-specific interventions. This location was demolished in June 2020, which is why PALAZZINA has been located at Alemannengasse 60 since July 2020.

Support us:

Every small donation counts.
As PALAZZINA we are grateful for any financial aid
in order to maintain our offspace and support the exhibiting artists.

Please find below our bank details:

Noemi Ramona Pfister
CH34 0029 2292 1745 5001 V

Thank you very much in advance.

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