Baslerstrasse 321
4123 Allschwil

Opening hours:

Sunday: 2 - 5 pm

The PALAZZINA-Team is:

Jakub Andrzejewski
Birna Björnsdóttir
Mathieu Dafflon
Ester Hatle
Victoria Holdt
Simone Holliger
Ivan Mitrović
Vera Mühlebach
Madeleine Noraas
Noemi Pfister
Nicolas Sarmiento
Kelly Tissot
Ines Tondar

Past PALAZZINA members:

Luca Rossi-Dossi
Geraldine Honauer
Joaquim Cantor Miranda

Katrin Niedermeier
Joan Pallé


Launched as an artists’ house in July 2019, the PALAZZINA project consists of a team of twelve artists who live together and jointly manage the exhibition space.
Several exhibitions take place each year, along with a program of performances, readings, talks and dinners.
What is special about PALAZZINA is the combination of a housing community and an exhibition space – this context also led to the name, which means “apartment block” in Italian.
Located in a residential neighborhood, the first house, offered many possibilities as the invited artists were able to change the store front spaces almost without limits and create site-specific interventions.
This location was demolished in June 2020, which is why PALAZZINA was then located at Alemannengasse 60, from July 2020 until July 2022.
Since summer 2022, the new location of PALAZZINA is in Baslerstrasse 321, in Allschwil.

Support us:

Every small donation counts.
As PALAZZINA we are grateful for any financial aid
in order to maintain our offspace and support the exhibiting artists.

Please find below our bank details:

Noemi Ramona Pfister
CH34 0029 2292 1745 5001 V

Thank you very much in advance.

For 2023 / 2024 Program we would like to thank:

For the previous years we want to thank: